Let's talk today about the common mistakes that most new and novice programmers fall into, and I will explain to you at the outset that if you are a beginner programmer, this does not mean that I make you feel bad about the mistakes that you may commit, and you will learn from this topic the common mistakes and for Avoid them in the future. We all make these mistakes at the beginning of this field, which causes us to do better work in the next, so you don't feel bad when you fall into them, just learn why they are classified as mistakes in order to avoid them.



1- Writing code without layout:

So that you cannot easily create high-quality content without planning it, but it requires careful thought and research. Software for writing quality is a process with a flow: thinking - research - plans - writing - validation and modification. Unfortunately, there is no good abbreviation for all of this. You need to create a habit to always browse the right amount of these activities.

One of the biggest mistakes that novice programmers make is to start writing code or code without thinking or researching, but it may work with small and standalone applications, but it still negatively affects large applications. It's like thinking before I say anything and then regretting it.

Therefore programming is mostly related to reading previous code and researching what is needed and how it fits with the current system and planning to write features in a small, testable increment. This actual code line writing is likely only 10% of the entire process. Therefore, do not think that berma is like writing lines and code. Programming is a logic-based creativity that needs nurturing.

2- Plan a lot before coding and coding:

Yes, planning before moving on to instructions and codes is a good thing, but even good things can hurt you when you do too much. Example: Too much healthy water can poison you.

Therefore, do not look for a perfect plan, as this is not found in the programming world, so search for a good plan that suffices for you, in order to use it for the start. Your writing software must be responsive because it will add features you never thought of in your plan. You will need to correct errors and adapt to the changes that may occur.

However, your plan should have few advantages and do so very carefully because too little planning and too much planning can harm the quality of your code and code, and the quality of the code is not something that can be risked.

3- Underestimating the importance of symbol quality:

If you can only focus on one aspect of the code that you write, it should be readable. Therefore, we should not underestimate the importance of the quality of the code, and for this, we must consider coding as a means of delivering applications. Your primary and primary job as a programmer is to communicate with the applications you are working on.

The other simple thing is to use long lines that do not exceed 80 characters so that they are not difficult to read. And many simple problems can be solved, such as using the checking and formatting tools, for example in "JavaScript" we have two great tools that work together, "ESLint" and "Prettier" and this is for your personal benefit.

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