In light of the great scientific and technological development, especially in the field of informatics, we are hearing almost every day about the emergence of new technologies and new programming languages. When you think that some technologies or some powerful and more popular languages have become dominant. Other languages and technologies suddenly pop up to find that they may be times stronger. Thus competition remains in place and the scales can be upset at any moment. As a programmer or a job seeker, you need to be informed of everything new on a daily basis and you need to learn modern technologies to increase your chances. Let's talk about the programming languages that were dominating the market, then maybe you will want to learn and master one of them.

Published on: 5/6/21, 1:40 AM

Google has formulated everything related to the price and launched "Google Stadia", which is the latter a cloud platform that it officially announced in the previous March, in an event or conference "E3", but the company provided a fixed date in the annual event. " Made By Google, which was set on November 19, 2019.

Published on: 5/6/21, 1:34 AM

Today I would like to share with you a very useful topic, especially if you own a device connected to the Internet, it is good dear that you read this article, in which I will explain to you of the most dangerous types of viruses that may infect anyone on the Internet and the most widespread in these years This is what is known as the 'ransomware virus'.

Published on: 5/6/21, 1:29 AM

Three mistakes that most beginner programmers make in this field

Let's talk today about the common mistakes that most new and novice programmers fall into, and I will explain to you at the outset that if you are a beginner programmer, this does not mean that I make you feel bad about the mistakes that you may commit, and you will learn from this topic the common mistakes and for Avoid them in the future. We all make these mistakes at the beginning of this field, which causes us to do better work in the next, so you don't feel bad when you fall into them, just learn why they are classified as mistakes in order to avoid them.

Published on: 5/5/21, 1:10 AM

How to build your project on the web or on the ground from start to success

Many people want to start a project that guarantees success in their lives, but they do not know how, and many start projects with great ideas, but in the end these projects fail and this is due to several reasons, perhaps the most important of which is poor planning or mismanagement. We will talk today about how to start your project and How to manage it to reach it to the top We will talk about what you need to be successful in your project and how to manage it and deal with it. I will not give you an idea and tell you this is a successful idea. Go and implement it, and I will not tell you to do this project and you will win a lot of money from it. I will let you choose your idea yourself, and I will tell you how it developed and embodied on the ground. And in the end, I want to tell you that everything I'm going to write here is the result of a personal experience that I did. So how do you start your project?

Published on: 5/5/21, 1:04 AM

Useful information about magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology.

We can say that it is a very useful technique that doctors used and helped them a lot and used it in order to photograph the human body so that it was able to show all and all the body details and show detailed and accurate pictures where he was able to see the joints, cartilages, ligaments, muscles and tendons. .. And this technology is considered an important and great discovery on the health level or aspect because it does not cause harm to the human body or the risk of exposure to dangerous radiation. The latter uses a very strong magnetic field to generate and create images of the human body that do not see well, using other techniques such as the usual X-ray technique that we use to detect bone fractures.

Published on: 5/5/21, 12:48 AM